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Oxyfuel, laser, plasma and others — they’re all common methods for cutting metal and other materials in manufacturing plants everywhere. But regardless of the method or application, care must be taken to avoid the potential impact on a worker’s health as well as the quality of the work being performed. Our advanced filtration systems can meet and defeat these challenges. We have powerful systems for nearly any cutting process.

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RoboVent engineer

Our Approach

One size and one design do not fit all. With the exclusive RoboVent One-Stop Integrated Process, you'll get a system that delivers clean air -- guaranteed.

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clean air guarantee

No Weak Links

From state-of-the-art filters and cabinet design to our ironclad guarantee on every system we sell, RoboVent provides an unbroken chain with no weak links for total customer satisfaction.

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Robovent employee

Career Opportunities

Join the RoboVent Team! We're always looking for creative, energetic and motivated people at all levels of our organization.

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robovent ice

RoboVent ICE System

RoboVent ICE goes beyond traditional HVAC by integrating dust collection and air conditioning.

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robovent ice

Maintain A Healthy Work Environment; Retain Your Assets

Introducing RoboVent ICE, an innovative air handling solution that is transforming the way fabricators improve working environments by combining air conditioning and fume control.

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Robovent Headquarters

RoboVent Going Green Initiative is Underway! Furthering Efforts to Save the Planet

RoboVent, a leading provider in Industrial Filtration and Ventilation products, celebrated today the fact that their “Going-Green” initiative within their corporate offices has cut down waste and saved numerous trees from destruction in the year 2014.

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weld fume capture

Three Easy Steps: Get to Know the Three-Pronged Approach to Weld Fume Removal

Not only can weld fumes result in a visible haze throughout a facility, but the airborne particulates in weld fumes can settle on surfaces – including sensitive electronics and equipment, where the tiny particles can wreak havoc. More importantly, weld fumes can pose serious threats to workers’ health.

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RoboVent Showcases their Fusion 3 Line!

RoboVent has introduced a number of important breakthroughs in air-cleaning technology, yet we recognized that this technology could be taken to the next level. The Fusion 3 Series is more capable, more powerful, and at the same time, much simpler.

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robovent ice

RoboVent Highlights "Cool" New "ICE" Line!

RoboVent ICE (Integrated Cooling Equipment) combines benefits of both air-conditioning, as well as, clean-air filtration in a single source system.

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atsalis mobile dust collection

RoboVent to Exhibit at Canadian Frac Sand Summit 2015

RoboVent ( announced that they recently made the decision to become one of the newest Canadian Frac Sand Summit exhibitors for the 2015 season in Calgary, Alberta - April 28/29.

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before and after air quality

How clean is the air in your manufacturing facility?

Metalworking facilities have to meet basic federal requirements for indoor air quality, but some companies may choose to go beyond that to create a work environment that encourages employee engagement and higher productivity.

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endurex filter

The Value of Open Pleats in Cartridge Filters for Dust Collection

Unlike with traditional cartridge filters, those with an open pleat spacing (as found in the Endurex RMO filters from RoboVent) ensure that all filter media is used, which results in an average 30 percent or more longer filter life than traditional filters. 

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