RoboVent Cartridge Filters

A15 PleatLock Premium Air Filter

RoboVent’s premium filter engineered to provide the best filtration protection for your plant and employees. The A15 is good up to MERV 15 efficiency.

M11 PleatLock Premium Air Filter

RoboVent’s premium filter media is a proprietary cellulose polyester blend with an initial Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value of 11 (MERV 11).

Endurex B16 Air Filter

RoboVent's premium filter offering superior performance in both filter efficiency and longevity. The PTFE coating allows collected material to shed easily and quickly, extending filter life and keeping your collector running without interruption.

Endurex W13 Air Filter

RoboVent's standard filter for welding applications. The WeldEx media—a fire-retardant media good up to Merv 13 efficiency—has proven itself reliable, being used in thousands of RoboVent collectors today.

Endurex M11 Air Filter

RoboVent's Economy filter for applications where a low-cost filter is preferred.