Oil Mist Collection Systems

Oil Mist Collection Solutions for Health and Safety

Metalworking fluids (MFWs) are a necessary part of many manufacturing processes. But when they are aerosolized by thermal or mechanical means, the resulting mist can jeopardize worker safety and productivity. This oil mist can leave a haze in the air and a layer of grease over floors and surfaces. This not only leaves a bad impression on workers and customers, but it can also create potential slip-and-fall hazards in the facility.

Oil mists also have serious health concerns. Specific health impacts vary depending on the chemicals in the fluid and the size of the particles generated by the manufacturing process. Some mists may contain chemicals that irritate the skin, eyes, nose, throat or lungs. Thermal processes can create sub-micron aerosolized particles that are easily breathed in by workers. Depending on the chemistry of the fluid and the level of exposure, workers exposed to oil mists may develop a number of serious symptoms. Prolonged exposure has been linked to asthma, chronic bronchitis, chronically impaired lung function, fibrosis of the lung and cancer. Workers may also be exposed to other disease-causing pathogens if MFW is contaminated by microorganisms.

It is important to protect workers from the effects of oil mist exposure. Appropriate collection and filtration can reduce the potential health risks and increase worker satisfaction and productivity. RoboVent is proud to be an industry leader in oil mist collection and filtration.



Source Capture Solutions for Oil Mist

Oil Mist Source Capture

RoboVent's source capture solution for oil mist is the result of a rethinking and redesigning of oil mist collection. The final result delivers exceptional performance to protect your workers and your facility. As always, satisfaction is guaranteed.

Ambient Oil Mist Collector

Oil Mist Ambient Systems

RoboVent's ambient capture solution for oil mist is a facility-wide system engineered to address the problem in the broadest, yet most effective, way possible. This system's proprietary design creates a circulating airflow throughout your facility that produces extraordinary results.