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ProCube and Extractor: The Perfect Pair

RoboVent ProCube is the perfect companion for the RoboVent Extractor Fume Gun. In fact, the two were made to go together. ProCube can be paired with one or two Extractor Fume Guns. Toggle between one-gun and two-gun use with the flick of a switch. The unit will automatically start when the torch is on, and […]

RoboVent Extractor

The RoboVent Extractor consists of a welding gun with built-in  fume extraction. The gun can be connected to a central extraction system or to a stand-alone version without any problems. One advantage of the RoboVent Extractor gun integrated with a RoboVent hi-vac collection system is that it can be used in different workplaces, such as in ships' holds or tanks.

Spire Collector

Powerful filtration with the smallest footprint in the industry. If you're using robotic welding cells, Spire may be the right system for you. We designed Spire™ especially for the most common types of welding applications for the automotive industry though it can be applied to many other industries as well. Spire is a flexible, cost-effective […]

RoboVent ProCube™ Hi-Vac Filtration System

When you need power, flexibility and mobility, look to the RoboVent ProCube™. The ProCube puts high-vacuum filtration power into a small, portable package that goes wherever you need it. Designed especially for the RoboVent Extractor™ Fume Gun, ProCube is the only portable filtration unit of its size that is rated for high-production welding environments. RoboVent […]

RoboVent Fusion Series Dust Collector

Weld Fume Extraction System Over the years RoboVent has introduced a number of important breakthroughs in air cleaning technology, yet we recognized that this technology could be taken to the next level, to make products that are more capable, more powerful, but at the same time much simpler. We set out to bring all these […]

Vista360™ Series

Powerful Filtration, Mounted Overhead Vista360™ is one of RoboVent’s most recent innovations, combining powerful filtration technology with an installation scheme designed for convenience and space saving. Vista360 begins with a dust and fume collector that is perfectly suited for heavy welding needs. The serious fumes produced by robotic welding cells are captured by the Vista360, […]

Push Pull vs Vortex

RoboVent's Vortex System is a complete ambient air cleaning solution for your welding operation needs. In this demonstration we filled the room with over 17 million particles (or milligrams per cubic meter) to put the Vortex to the test. In just 20 minutes, the room was completely cleaned and measuring at under 16000 particles.


Vent Mapping has revolutionized the industry standard for factory ventilation. We simulate your heat, air and flow inside your factory to simulate flow dynamics. We can determine whether or not you will comply with OSHA standards and help make sure you improve your ratings with the right ventilation system.