RoboVent eQ360™: Air Quality Monitoring

Lower Operating Costs

The smart environmental monitor for the next industrial revolution

The factory floor is about to get a whole lot smarter. RoboVent eQ360 is the first smart total environmental monitor for industrial facilities. Like the original eQ, eQ360 automatically regulates RoboVent dust collectors in response to particulate levels—but it also does a whole lot more. eQ360 measures:

  • Total particulate levels
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO)
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Light level (lumens)
  • Noise level (decibels)

eQ360 delivers easy-to-read reports through a cloud-based application so you can monitor environmental conditions on your smart phone or tablet. Generate reports to look for patterns over time or across facilities and get automated alerts if conditions are outside of your parameters. eQ360 helps you optimize your facility environment to keep employees safer, healthier, happier and more productive.


Real-time Dashboard

eQ360 works with the eTell™ smart control system. Pull up the eTell Dashboard on your smart phone, tablet or computer for real-time updates on all of your environmental measurements. Automatic alerts will let you know if any of your environmental measurements are outside of your set limits.


Indoor Air Pollutant Monitor

eQ360 measures total particulate levels as well as specific indoor pollutants (including VOCs, CO and CO2) so you can make sure your facility meets indoor air quality (IAQ) regulations and monitor progress towards your IAQ goals.


Reporting and Analysis

Data from eQ360 is used to generate easy, useful reports on environmental quality over time. Facility managers can use this data to understand how air quality and other environmental conditions change over the course of a shift, a day or a production cycle; to compare conditions across multiple facilities; and to examine relationships between environmental conditions and employee morale, productivity, retention and recruiting.


Other Environmental Monitors

IAQ isn’t the only measure of environmental quality. Light, noise, temperature and humidity all impact employee comfort, health and productivity. eQ360 lets you monitor all aspects of your indoor environment in one place.


Multi-Area Monitoring and Zones

With multiple eQ360 sensors, you can generate a complete picture of environmental conditions throughout the facility. eQ360 lets you view reports for individual areas or zones and compare environmental conditions over time between zones.


RoboVent eQ360™: The total environmental monitoring solution for today’s data-driven facilities.

Multiple eQ360s can be linked together to provide continual
monitoring across the entire facility.

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Built for quality

We build safety, energy savings and efficiency into every piece of equipment we make.


Lower Operating Costs

We're always looking for ways to reduce energy use, such as automated systems to ensure collectors run only when they need to. Additionally, our filters and equipment have been engineered to maximize filter life and reduce operating costs.


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Safety features like our Delta3 spark arrestor and the Supprex-200 fire suppression system reduce the risk of fires in your ductwork and filtration equipment to protect your plant and your employees.


Easy Maintenance

Longer lasting filters are just the start. Our equipment is built to reduce the maintenance burden on your staff. With eTell intelligent controls, you can move beyond preventative maintenance to truly predictive maintenance