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Clean Air Matrix

RoboVent engineers are experts in every category of air filtration and ventilation. The four categories below represent the major options for treating your contaminated air. RoboVent has designed solutions for each of these categories and has manufactured air filtration systems of unrivaled quality.

For more information about these categories, see Indoor Air Quality 101.


Large blowers and air filtration equipment draw contaminated air from the plant (typically at the ceiling level), filter it and return it to the plant. This is a proven solution in plants welding large parts with overhead cranes. It reduces the haze in the air, resulting in a cleaner working environment, with no negative pressure or heat loss.


Air in the immediate area of the welding activity is captured in a hood system, then filtered and returned to the plant. This is the best solution whenever possible. It allows for a more flexible system and removes the smoke directly from the operator's breathing zone. There are many types of source capture, including overhead hoods, crossflow hoods, fume arms and fume guns, some of which work better than others.


Large exhaust fans draw contaminated air from the plant and exhaust it directly into the environment, typically through the roof or walls. This is a traditional method and often results in negative air pressure. Also, it is very difficult to climate-control your plant and the system may not work well in the winter.

Air in the immediate area of the welding activity is captured in a hood, sent through ductwork, and exhausted directly into the environment. This is a lower capital cost alternative to filtration, but tends to result in high operating costs and large, unsightly ducting systems that work less efficiently with modifications. It also results in negative pressure problems.

If you want your HVAC system to last longer, keeping debris from getting inside is key. Most HVAC systems use a HVAC air handler fan to pull in clean outside air from a duct through the wall or foundation vent. The air is filtered before it enters the air handler and mixed with the return air and then dispersed evenly throughout the building.

Air Intake Filters

Cottonwood Filters - From cottonwood seeds to bugs, the PreVent® system stops airborne debris before it gets inside your HVAC coils and fins. These filters are custom-made in the USA to fit any outdoor air intake. They can be brushed or hosed clean; no downtime required.

Washable Air Filters

Washable air filters take some work to install, remove and clean but often save money in the long run. Washable filters have less of a negative impact on the environment and come in many sizes.

Types of Washable Filters:

    • DustEater
    • DustEater Easy Flow
    • DustPlus with Activated Carbon
    • LifeStyle Plus MF
    • LifeStyle Plus LR
    • Adjustable Size
    • Contractors Choice
    • Disposable Air Filters

Disposable Air Filters

Disposable air filters can be used to catch airborne particles and debris of almost any kind. They can be used inside or outside and improve air quality while reducing energy costs and cleaning maintenance by keeping equipment clean and free of debris.

There are also several types of disposable air filters like activated carbon filters, both panels and pleats, for odor/fume removal and fan shrouds in a bonnet style.

Types of Disposable Air Filters:

    • Fan Shrouds
    • Fan Bonnets
    • Dustplus 2
    • Activated Carbon Panels CHAR-WR & RHAC
    • Activated Carbon or Alumina Pleats
    • High Density Carbon or Alumina Packs
    • Custom OEM Air Filters

Custom OEM Air Filters

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. This means that an OEM filter is one made and sold by the same manufacturer as the original piece of equipment. While aftermarket or compatible filters can still work, they may remove less than an OEM filter.

We offer custom media, frames and accessories. Completely made-to-spec, our OEM air filters are designed to provide superior performance and filter life, and can fit virtually any filter shape and at competitive prices

Types of OEM Air Filters:

    • Foam Air Filter Media
    • Polypropylene Air Filter Media
    • Nonwoven Polyester Air Filter Media
    • PermaCool Self Supporting Polypropylene Air Filter Media
    • PermaFlo Rigid Polyester Air Filter Media
    • Activated Carbon Air Filter Media
    • PVC Coated High Abrasion Air Filter Media
    • Corrugated Aluminum Air Filter Media
    • Bonded Aluminum Mesh Air Filter Media
    • HailStop Rigid Plastic Netting Air Filter Media
    • Flat Aluminum Mesh Air Filter Media


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