Weld Fume & Dust Collection Filters, Hoods, Fans & More

Endurex A15 Air Filter

RoboVent's high-quality cellulose/polyester blend that provides superior filtration efficiency and long life in welding applications. Every filter is fire retardant and uses nanofiber technology to achieve long filter life.

Endurex B16 Air Filter

RoboVent's premium filter offering superior performance in both filter efficiency and longevity. The PTFE coating allows collected material to shed easily and quickly, extending filter life and keeping your collector running without interruption.

Endurex D12 Filter

RoboVent's specially blended media for oil-laden particulate. The media is specifically formulated with an extremely durable phenolic resin system where each fiber is individually coated instead of a film formation.

Endurex M11 Air Filter

RoboVent's Economy filter for applications where a low-cost filter is preferred. The M11 media is a fire-retardant media that is good up to Merv 11 efficiency.

Endurex RMO Cartridge Filters, Dust & Fume Air Filters

Endurex RMO Cartridge Filters

RoboVent's premium filter engineered to provide the best filtration protection for your plant and employees. A widened pleat and proprietary filter media help deliver top performance.

Endurex W13 Air Filter

RoboVent's standard filter for welding applications. The WeldEx media—a fire-retardant media good up to Merv 13 efficiency—has proven itself reliable, being used in thousands of RoboVent collectors today.

Engine Exhaust Hose Reels

RoboVent's Hose Reels offer a convenient, efficient method for extracting harmful emissions from all types of vehicle service areas.

Exhaust Fans

RoboVent's exhaust fans are designed for commercial and industrial applications that require high volumes of air at low static pressures.

Extractor AC-300

Air Cooled – 300 Amp, 100% Duty Cycle. When you need more power, the Extractor AC-300 delivers. The AC-300 puts high-powered fume extraction into a lightweight, ergonomic fume gun that provides excellent control and maneuverability.

Extractor250 Fume Gun


Air Cooled – 250 Amp, 100% Duty Cycle. The RoboVent Extractor250 puts high-powered fume extraction into a lightweight, ergonomic fume gun that provides excellent control and maneuverability.


Water Cooled – 500 Amp, 100% Duty Cycle. High-amperage welding produces heavy-duty weld fumes. The water-cooled RoboVent Extractor500 gives you the amperage and extraction power you need.

Extractor500 Consumables

Extractor500 Consumables

RoboVent Flexan Enclosure for Welding Statons

Flexan™ Enclosure

This modular enclosure employs both guarding panels and an overhead hood to fit almost any welding station or production line.

FlexTrac Icon


A tip extraction system for robotic welding, the FlexTrac provides revolutionary benefits in air quality and efficiency.

Dust and Fume Source Capture: RoboVent FumeArms

FumeArms & Extension Booms

A set of flexible solutions for capturing weld fumes, RoboVent's FumeArms and Extension Booms are designed to move easily into position to protect workers.

High Pressure Blowers for Industrial Duct Work

High Pressure Blowers

We offer a full line of high-pressure blowers for ducted systems that require air to be exhausted outside.

RoboVent Air Filter Catalog: Replacement Air Filters

Industrial Replacement Filters

RoboVent offers the highest-performing filters for its equipment and for equipment made by other manufacturers. The ClientCare team can help you find the right filter for the right application, no matter who made it.

RoboVent Make-Up Air Units

Make-Up Air Systems

Make-up air systems allow air to be brought back into your facility and heated to the desired temperatures even during the coldest months of the year.

QuickClamp Ductwork

A flexible system of ductwork whose components clamp together without tools, RoboVent's QuickClamp Ductwork is flexible, easy to use and reconfigurable.

RoboVent Blade® : High-Volume, Low-Speed Fan

RoboVent Blade® : High-Volume, Low-Speed Fan

A high-volume, low-speed fan capable of reducing a building's energy use. The RoboVent Blade employs an innovative design to run quietly and efficiently.

Welding and Sanding Safety Curtains

Safety Curtains

Used to protect nearby workers from arc flash, sanding operations or other processes, RoboVent's safety curtains are available in multiple sizes.

RoboVent Streamline Hood, Fume Hood for Welding Cells

Streamline Hood

A modular system for enclosing robotic welding cells, the Streamline Hood is easy to install, use and modify. The system is highly flexible and can accommodate a variety of welding cell configurations.

RoboVent Supplied-Air and PAPR Hoods,

Supplied-Air and PAPR Hoods

RoboVent's supplied-air or powered-air-purifying-respirator hoods provide a continuous supply of cleaner air, making workers safer and more productive.

Hi-Vac Fume Gun Source Extraction: The RoboVent Extractor

The RoboVent Extractor™

A welding gun with built-in extraction module to remove weld fumes at the source. The RoboVent Extractor is a lightweight, flexible and powerful tool to protect workers.