Commercial & Industrial Air Purifier | PRC Series by RoboVent

Clean Air Matrix

RoboVent engineers are experts in every category of air filtration and ventilation. The four categories below represent the major options for treating your contaminated air. RoboVent has designed solutions for each of these categories and has manufactured air filtration systems of unrivaled quality.

For more information about these categories, see Indoor Air Quality 101.


Large blowers and air filtration equipment draw contaminated air from the plant (typically at the ceiling level), filter it and return it to the plant. This is a proven solution in plants welding large parts with overhead cranes. It reduces the haze in the air, resulting in a cleaner working environment, with no negative pressure or heat loss.


Air in the immediate area of the welding activity is captured in a hood system, then filtered and returned to the plant. This is the best solution whenever possible. It allows for a more flexible system and removes the smoke directly from the operator's breathing zone. There are many types of source capture, including overhead hoods, crossflow hoods, fume arms and fume guns, some of which work better than others.


Large exhaust fans draw contaminated air from the plant and exhaust it directly into the environment, typically through the roof or walls. This is a traditional method and often results in negative air pressure. Also, it is very difficult to climate-control your plant and the system may not work well in the winter.

Air in the immediate area of the welding activity is captured in a hood, sent through ductwork, and exhausted directly into the environment. This is a lower capital cost alternative to filtration, but tends to result in high operating costs and large, unsightly ducting systems that work less efficiently with modifications. It also results in negative pressure problems.

Improve Air Quality and Help Maintain Safer, Cleaner Indoor Environments

The RoboVent PRC Series was designed to provide clean air for all indoor environments, capturing up to 99.95% of particulate. It’s perfect for light industrial settings, most commercial settings and even hospitals and clinics.

It can refresh and recirculate the air in a standard 10’ x 10’ x 10’ space 72x per hour.  In a larger, perhaps more industrial setting with a 20’ x 20’ x 40’ space, it would do the same thing 5x per hour.

  • Captures sub-micron particles like airborne viruses, bacteria and mold spores
  • Filters and circulates air up to 6x/hr for a 12,000 cu ft room
  • Re-circulates air in less than one-minute (for 1,000 cu ft);
    Less than 3.5-minutes (for 4,000 cu ft)
  • Reduces odors (with carbon pre-filter)
  • Removes pet dander, pollen, dust and smoke.
  • Simple plug & play unit, 110v
  • Standard Colors: RoboVent Blue, VentBoss Yellow and White (with additional lead time)

The Filter Media

Air will flow through two stages of air filtration before exhausting into the room. The PRC comes standard with a MERV 8, carbon pre-filter and has three options for interior cartridge filter media, choose the best for your application:

  • Nanofiber, MERV15; 254 sq. ft. Media Area
  • HEPA E11; 170 sq. ft. Media Area (Comparable to N95 mask media)
  • HEPA H13; 170 sq. ft. Media Area (Comparable to P100 mask media)

What Am I Filtering?

The type of particulate we capture in air filtration systems is often driven by the actual media being used inside the filtration system. It’s important to know the make-up of the particle, it’s relationship with airflow patterns in terms of how the air conveys the particle and the micron size.

Typical Environments

The PRC is suitable for any indoor setting and typically used in commercial and light industrial settings as a supplemental, portable system to existing HVAC filtration systems. When the volume of space exceeds 12,000 cu ft, we recommend multiple units or perhaps considering a larger, more centralized system.

Example Areas may include but not be limited to:

Administrative Offices  |  Assisted Living Facilities |  Basements  |  Churches
Convenience Stores  |  Control Panel Rooms |  Fire Stations  |  Food Prep Areas & Kitchens
Grocery Stores  |  Hospice Facilities |  Laboratories |  Laundry Facilities |  Light Assembly Areas
Marijuana Dispensary & Cannabis Operations  |  Municipal Buildings | Nursing Facilities
Operating Rooms  |  Packaging Areas |  Patient Receiving & Discharge Spaces  |  Police Stations
Physical Therapy Clinics  |  Print Shops  |  Prisons & Jails  |  Repair Shops  |  Shipping Areas
Waiting Rooms  |  Warehouses  |  Workshops  |  Worship Centers

How Often Should I Recirculate the Air in the Room?

If the return air from the air purifier does not need to be exhausted outside, such as in an emergency room setting or a triage area, it could be based on user preference. Do you want to refresh the air 1x per hour? 100x per hour?  It’s really up to you. Use the calculator below to make your determination.

Enter your room dimensions below to see how many changes per hour a single PRC unit. You can also just enter a total room volume if you don’t have specific dimensions.

If for some reason the calculator above isn’t working, don’t fret. The following calculation gives you an idea of the refresh rate a single RoboVent PRC can provide:

  • Room Height x Room Length x Room Width = Room Volume
  • RoboVent PRC = 1200 CFM
  • Room Volume ÷ CFM = number of changes per minute
  • 60 minutes ÷ number of changes per minute = Room Change per Hour

Need Clean Air Fast?

The PRC can be ready to ship in one week from the time the order is entered in our system.

Actual delivery date will be driven by number of units purchased and specific shipping location(s).


PRC Specifications

Capacity:1200 CFM
Motor:1.5 HP, Direct Drive
Voltage:Single phase, 110V, 60Hz
Full Load Amps:20.0
Blower:Reverse inclined high performance blower wheel
Sound Level:70 dBA
Silencing:Integral acoustical plenum with low frequency dampening
Controls:Manual on/off switch, minihelic filter conditon gauge
Cabinet Dimensions:53" H x 23" L x 31" D
Shipping Weight:350 lbs.
Dust Containment:Lift-out Dust Tray
Carbon Pre-Filter:2" x 20" x 24" MERV 8
Primary Filter Options:Nanofiber, MERV 15; 254 sq. ft. Media Area

HEPA E11; 170 sq. ft. Media Area (>95% Efficiency, comparable to N95 mask)

HEPA H13; 170 sq. ft. Media Area (>99.95% Efficiency, comparable to P100 mask)
Filter Cleaning:On board compressed air tank, manual activated push-button pulse cleaning, 1/4"NPT compressed air connection
Options:CSA Certification - CSA-100

Standard Features

HEPA After Filter

A HEPA filter cleaning the air as a final step of purification ensures your facility and its workers enjoy the highest quality of air possible.

Rugged Cabinet Design

RoboVent's dust collectors are housed in a rugged, modular cabinet that is covered—along with structural components—by a 15-year warranty.

Built-in Noise Reduction

Multiple measures contribute to noise reduction in RoboVent dust collectors, improving the work environment and helping to meet noise regulations.

The RoboVent “No Weak Links” Process

From state-of-the-art filters and cabinet design to our ironclad guarantee on every system we sell, RoboVent provides an unbroken chain with no weak links for total customer satisfaction.

24-Hour Support

RoboVent's 24-hour support—at 888.RoboVent—is a promise that a RoboVent expert is available at all times for any need.