RoboVent: Clean Air Solutions for Manufacturing

RoboVent is the leader in clean air solutions for weld fume extraction, laser cutting, grinding and general dust collection. We’ve been improving manufacturing lives since 1989.

Clean Air Solutions for Manufacturing Video Transcript

What makes us stand out as an organization is that we're a turn key provider. We not only manufacturer equipment and design and develop the equipment but we also do the design of the solution so it's a full-service approach. And because of that we can provide a performance guarantee that others would struggle providing. I remember some of the first applications that we went into and people said look well "you can't have a clean welding environment." Not true.

The desired outcome is to provide a better environment for their people and to keep them safe and healthy. Our products enable manufacturers to really improve the working conditions for their people improve their people's lives, improve the quality of the environments they are working in, so that's, that's really important. There will be more people that will want to work in an environment that is clean and smoke free versus smoke filled. The product sells itself and the air is coming out cleaner than what it pulled in, we couldn't really ask for more. It’s very important to clean the air in your plant to make sure you have a clean environment for your employees because you can see it in your bottom line. The RoboVent has really been one of the things that we've relied on to help clean up that weld area and one of the things here is the clean air when you walk through this facility one of the things I hear customers and other suppliers comment on how clean the environment is. My coworkers love it, it's better, it's cleaner, production is up due to the clear air and it has improved our workers' morale as far as it doesn't tire you out as much because that smoke is not lingering around us as we’re welding. There’s a great need out there in every industry to understand the needs of the client and I think as we continue to grow in this business it's important that we continue to understand that and we continue to grow in our understanding of what that customer needs.

The positive impact we make for manufacturers especially in our industry is that we're leading the way and we're not stopping short and we're not just sitting there and accepting the current status quo as the way forward. And we’re constantly embracing new forms of change whether it's in the way we build our products or the way we service our clients. We really care about the needs of a client, were not there just to sell a product and to run as quickly as we can away to get the next sale. We really care about what their needs are, we spend a lot of time identifying it, qualifying those needs and putting the best solution forward. I think we’ve designed our machinery quite well to fit the needs of the customer. Focusing around getting that good feedback is really what drives us all and motivates us to keep doing a good job and to continually improve. I really believe that when we put a solution in place, it really is the best. We’re definitely the innovator, one of our tag lines has always been we’re the leader in clean air solutions and that definitely is true and that is something that resonates from the team here. We know we lead the industry and were not content to do anything less than that. The bottom line is that is people are happier at work, they’re more productive, they’re more engaged and the business is better.