RoboVent Releases Smallest Hi-Vac Filtration Unit Yet

September 15, 2017

RoboVent MiniCube™ portable dust collector is rated for continuous production.

Sterling Heights, Mich. (September 15, 2017) —Welders who need both power and portability in fume control now have a new option. RoboVent will soon release the RoboVent MiniCube™, a portable high-vacuum dust collector rated for continuous production.

The MiniCube is the smallest dust collector in RoboVent’s hi-vac line, joining the RoboVent ProCube and RoboVent FlexPro. With its built-in wheels and handle, it is designed for easy portability by a single welder. It is rated for continuous use, making it appropriate for high-production manual welding environments.

The MiniCube pairs perfectly with the RoboVent Extractor Fume Gun for maximum flexibility and mobility. Each MiniCube supports one fume gun. It can also be used with other source capture options such as a flared cone or slotted tube hood. RoboVent General Manager Jim Reid says, “The MiniCube is a great option for applications where welders need to be able to move the collector frequently. We see a huge need for our clients involved in manual welding of ship hulls, wind turbines, heavy equipment and other large weldments where the welders need the fume extractor to move with them. Unlike most portable units, the MiniCube is rated for continuous use, so it can keep up in even high-production environments.”

The RoboVent MiniCube is:

  • Powerful: The MiniCube provides effective, efficient air filtration to keep production environments safe and healthy.
  • Portable: The MiniCube is small enough to fit almost anywhere and light enough for a single welder to move wherever it is needed. The built-in wheels and handle make it the perfect choice for high-mobility welding applications using fume guns.
  • Easy: The MiniCube has been designed for ease of use and low maintenance, from automatic start and stop to the easy dashboard controls—just plug and play!
  • Quiet: The MiniCube generates 68 decibels when in use, making it one of the quietest hi-vacuum units on the market with additional noise-reducing features to improve operator comfort and acceptance.


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