Vista360™ Series

Powerful Filtration, Mounted Overhead

Vista360™ is one of RoboVent’s most recent innovations, combining powerful filtration technology with an installation scheme designed for convenience and space saving. Vista360 begins with a dust and fume collector that is perfectly suited for heavy welding needs. The serious fumes produced by robotic welding cells are captured by the Vista360, and the system filters the air and returns it to the facility. The system’s cutting-edge filters ensure that the smallest and most dangerous particles—many of which contain toxic metals—are removed from the environment.

Vista360’s other distinguishing feature is the manner in which it is installed—on the ceiling, out of the way of other equipment and traffic. Freeing up floor space allows you to keep your production lines flexible. Sight lines are much improved across the plant floor, as well.

Vista360™ Series Video Transcript

Are you looking for effective, ambient air filtration that won’t get in your way? Now you can have the benefits of an overhead ducted filtration system without the duct work. Vista360 works like a traditional push pull system, pulling dirty air in, pushing clean air out to protect the health and safety of your employees. But without duct work, Vista360 is faster, easier and less expensive to install and its easier to reconfigure if your needs change. And since all the equipment is overhead, you’ll get maximum ambient air quality control without giving up your valuable floor space for dust collection equipment. The ductless Vista360 system is perfect for environments where floor space is at a premium. Or overhead cranes and equipment make duct work impractical. Vista360 is low maintenance. When the collective particulate needs to be emptied, just connect a high vac extractor or a central vac system directly to the unit for easy cleaning.

Vista360 comes standard with the ePad Control Panel. To save even more energy or better control your air quality, consider adding the EQ air quality monitoring system. Vista can even be equipped with a Delta3 sparkout technology, a highly effective spark control system for spark producing applications. So loose the ductwork and clear the air with Vista360.