Dust Collection

Controlling dust in a manufacturing facility is a key step in improving air quality. Besides safeguarding the health of your employees, improving air quality leads to increased worker productivity and other benefits, as well. A study examining the impact of indoor air pollution on worker productivity in the United States found a 4.2% improvement in productivity when air pollution was reduced by 10 ppb (parts per billion). Additionally, poor indoor air quality causes six added lost workdays per year for every ten employees.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has estimated the annual nationwide cost savings related to increased air quality could be $15 billion. These savings would come from efficiency and productivity improvements, cost reductions in operations and maintenance and reduced incidence of property damage.

A variety of solutions exists today to contain airborne dust and contaminants. Whether your facility’s processes involve metals, chemicals or other materials, RoboVent’s range of breakthrough dust collectors will change the way you think about keeping your facility clean. Our dust collection systems are used successfully in hundreds of applications covering a wide variety of industries.

Dust Types

Abrasive Blasting Dust Collection

Abrasive Blasting Dust Collection

Abrasive blasting operations produce a wide variety of dusts, and RoboVent has the expertise and equipment needed to clean the air of any operation.

Aluminum Dust Collection

RoboVent’s powerful dust collectors protect workers from aluminum dust, while protecting facilities from potentially catastrophic dust explosions.

Blast Room Dust

Blast rooms are great resources but need topnotch dust collectors to reach their potential. RoboVent understands blasting operations and the air quality issues involved.

Carbon Black Dust Collection

Carbon Black Dust Collection

Carbon black is a fine powder used in the manufacture of many common products, such as tires. This powder is an inhalation risk tied to pulmonary and respiratory problems.

Cast Iron Grinding Dust

RoboVent understands the needs of cast iron grinding operations and produces dust collectors to protect workers and safeguard facilities.

RoboVent Chemical Dust Collectors

Chemical Dust Collection and Filtration

Chemical dusts are more dangerous than most, but RoboVent's decades of experience allow us to deliver the most effective solution for even the most difficult challenge.

Fertilizer Dust Collection

The volatile mix of chemicals and fine particulates in fertilizer dust is a danger that RoboVent is well suited to address through our comprehensive dust-collection systems.

Finegrinding Fiberglass Dust Exposure

Fine Grinding Fiberglass Dust Collection and Filtration

Fibrous glass particulates, like those associated with fiberglass fine grinding, can be a health hazard in dust form. RoboVent specializes in solutions for these kinds of concerns.

Food Processing Dust Collection

RoboVent understands food processing facilities and the importance of capturing dust in order to protect workers, ensure product purity and comply with regulations.

Glass-making Dust Collection

Glass-making ingredients produce dusts that are a current regulatory focus, but RoboVent can solve these air quality challenges quickly and cost effectively.

Laser Cutting Dust Collection

Laser cutting is fast and efficient, but controlling dust is key to protecting workers and an unobstructed beam. RoboVent has solutions custom-made for the process.

Metalworking Dust Collection

Reducing the Risk of Metalworking Dust Exposure Few manufacturing processes are more dangerous to workers than metalworking. From grinding to laser cutting, the fine particulates emitted from these processes have far-reaching effects. Workers’ health is the most worrisome concern, but these dusts put a company’s health at risk, as well. Failure to comply with regulations […]