That's what this podcast will answer. Every episode, we'll invite an expert onto the show to learn from their experiences in the air filtration world and make things fun while learning.

This show is all about helping provide education around indoor air quality (IAQ), dust collection and industrial ventilation. We cover clean air for everyone, in any place and we make a difference one breath (and episode) at a time.

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Episode 6

Ventmapping - 32:53

November 24, 2021

Looking to test the air quality in your facility? Find the best location for where to put a dust collector in your manufacturing plant. RoboVent's Ventmapping/Application Engineer, Kyle Billy, and Sales Director Chris Cea explore the different applications of Ventmapping Engineering. Ventmapping allows you to visualize airflow patterns to assist in building air ventilation systems. Learn about what kinds of processes can be improved by a Computational Fluid Dynamic Study (CFD Study).

0:00 Welcome!
0:53 Kile Billy Introduction
2:08 What do we mean by “Ventmapping”?
3:25 Chris Cea Introduction
7:47 What is Ventmapping, really?
13:35 How can a facility prepare for Ventmapping?
20:05 What types of dust are applicable to Ventmapping?
23:40 When do you not need advanced engineering help?
31:00 Does Kyle use his particulate monitors at home?
32:38 Let’s Get Social!

Filtration Podcast
Episode 5

The Senturion - 23:12

November 19, 2021

RoboVent President, Rick Kreczmer, discusses the latest innovative industrial dust collector from RoboVent: The Senturion. Learn about how The Senturion compares to previous industrial dust collector models from RoboVent and what makes it stand out as the most versatile dust collector in the industry.

Filtration Podcast
Episode 4

Fire Prevention Checklist - 32:19

October 4, 2021

Field Service Director, Tim Jones, walks us through the RoboVent Fire Prevention Checklist and shares some of his previous experiences with dust collector fire safety. A quick guide on how to prevent a dust collector fire.


Episode 3

Dust Collector Installation and Project Management - 44:50

June 4, 2021

How do you ensure a safe and seamless installation for an industrial dust collection and air filtration system? The key is project management. Join RoboVent’s Director of Installation Dean Anhorn and Director of Project Management Ryan McWilliams in the third episode of the Filter That! podcast as they reveal the “secret sauce” behind every successful installation project. You’ll learn:

  • Why communication, safety, and quality control are essential—and what you should look for from your dust collector installation team
  • How RoboVent manages an industrial ventilation and air filtration installation project to ensure safety and quality
  • Why RoboVent maintains in-house engineering, installation and project management teams for turnkey service and quality control


Episode 2

Identifying Combustible Dust with Alysha Yinger & Adam Haroz - 54:31

March 10, 2021

How do you identify combustible dust, and what are the regulations surrounding it? Alysha Yinger, Director of Engineering at RoboVent and Adam Haroz, Engineering Manager at Conversion Technology Inc. discuss the characteristics of combustible dust and how to prevent manufacturing accidents that can lead to dust explosions.


Episode 1

Filter That (The Air Filtration Podcast): Our Inaugural Episode - 20:21

January 17, 2021

In Episode 1, get to know Rick and Frank - founders of the podcast. Learn a little more about the team and play along in What the Filter (WTF)?, in which we try to stump filtration experts with extreme close-ups of filter media.




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