Coalescing Oil Mist Filters

Some industrial air filter systems remove water and reduce the amount of mist, aerosols and fumes in the atmosphere. The mist pulled from the source will coalesce or turn into a hardened substance in the duct work which is a fire hazard. Coalescing filters prevent these substances from building up.
Coalescing filters, or mist eliminators, are needed to capture oil mist found in returned air and remove water and oil droplets from cooling coils and evaporative media. Or in the case of humidifiers, remove unevaporated moisture.

Coalescing Mist Eliminator Filters We Offer:

  • Metal Mesh Oil or Water Mist Eliminator (Model MME)
  • Metal Mesh Oil or Water Mist Eliminator (Model MMS)
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Coalescing Oil Mist Filters