Cube & V-Pocket Filters

Pocket filters offer a great combination of low pressure drop, availability of high MERV and a low price. These are commonly found in traditional fixed speed fan systems, as the full airflow is necessary to completely fill the pockets with air to achieve maximum performance.

We provide flexibility in the media selection and pocket design of each style filter. This gives you the ability to select a low air resistant pre filter, standalone durable high dirt holding capacity filter, or a filter treated with an antimicrobial agent.

Types of Cube and V-Pocket Filters:

  • Series 140 MERV 7 Three Ply Wet Tack
  • Series 430 1-Ply Dry
  • Series 440 MERV 8 Two Ply PBT32 Tack
  • Series 440HC MERV 8 Two Ply PBT32 Tack
  • Series 63 1Ply Dry Tack
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Cube & V-Pocket Filters