Endurex B16 Air Filter

PTFE Cartridge Air Filter

A premium filter offering superior performance in both filter efficiency and longevity. The PTFE coating allows collected material to shed easily and quickly, extending the filter life and providing a very high level of filter efficiency. The Endurex B16 is rated at MERV 16, a level that approaches HEPA filtration standards.

  • PTFE membrane laminated to polyester spunbound substrate
  • Excellent particulate release
  • RMO technology
  • Ultra high efficiency for very fine particulate 0.1 micron and below
  • Flame retardant media
  • 200 °F / 93 °C Max operating temperature
  • MERV 16


  • Chemical Processing
  • Food Processing
  • General Industrial
  • High Production Wheel Blasting
  • Laser and Plasma Cutting
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Polishing
  • Weld Smoke
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Endurex B16 Air Filter
Model NumberDiameterHeightConfiguration
EX-12D26-B1612"(30.48cm)26"(40.64cm)B16 Media
EX-12D36-B16-C12"(30.48cm)36"(91.44cm)B16 Media w/Closed End
EX-14D26-B1614"(35.56cm)26"(40.64cm)B16 Media
EX-14D26-B16-C14"(35.56cm)26"(40.64cm)B16 Media w/Closed End
EX-14D26-B16-SF14"(35.56cm)26"(40.64cm)B16 Media w/Square Flange
EX-14D36-B1614"(35.56cm)36"(91.44cm)B16 Media
EX-14D36-B16-C14"(35.56cm)36"(91.44cm)B16 Media w/Closed End
EX-14D36-B16-SF14"(35.56cm)36"(91.44cm)B16 Media w/Square Flange
EX-14D52-B16-SF14"(35.56cm)52"(132.08cm)B16 Media w/Square Flange
EX-16D52-B16-SF16"(40.64cm)52"(132.08cm)B16 Media w/Square Flange
EX-18D16-B1618"(45.72cm)16"(40.64cm)B16 Media
EX-18B16-B16-C18"(45.72cm)16"(40.64cm)B16 Media w/Closed End
EX-22D14-B16-C22"(55.88cm)14"(35.56cm)B16 Media w/Closed End
EX-22D36-B1622"(55.88cm)36"(91.44cm)B16 Media w/Closed End
EX-24D21-B1624"(60.96cm)21"(53.34cm)B16 Media
EX-10D12-B16-C10"(25.40cm)12"(30.48cm)B16 Media w/Closed End
EX-22D12-B1622"(55.88cm)12"(30.48cm)B16 Media w/Closed End