Pulse Jet Filter Bags

Pulse-jet baghouses collect dust on the outside of the filter. Dust-filled gas floods the bag house and clean air exits through the inside of the bag while the dust particles collect on the outside filter surface. A filter cage prevents bag collapse during filtration and aids in the redistribution and cleaning of the filter. A wide variety of filter bags can be manufactured to meet specific application needs. The pulse jet cleaning cycle is controlled by a solid-state timer which forces pulses of compressed air in the reverse direction of filtering, into blow pipes mounted above each row of filters.

When activated, the reverse pulse air pulses travel down the length of each bag in the given row, causing a ripple effect, dislodging and releasing the caked dust into the hopper at the base. A main advantage of the pulse jet baghouse is that it does not have to be taken off-line to clean the filters. With the dust removal programmed for regular or on-demand intervals, the system offers more complete cleaning and reconditioning of the filter bags than the other systems. Operating costs are minimal outside of the cost for compressed air for cleaning.

Types of Pulse Jets:

  • High Pressure compressed air; 80-100 psig; dust collects on the outside of the bag.
  • Medium pressure compressed air; 50-55 psig; dust collects on the outside of the bag.
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Pulse Jet Filter Bags