Rigid Box Filters

This filter style is often used as secondary air filter or as the final filter in an air system. Often referred to as a box filter, these filters are designed to work best in Variable Air Volume (VAV) systems, where air speed volumes can change. Rigid box air filters are deeper than pleated panel air filters and have a sturdier frame. They remove contaminants from the air stream so the contaminant buildup doesn’t ruin equipment. They also improve indoor air quality. The rigid frame of the filter can withstand fluctuations in airflow which makes these filters ideal for variable-volume HVAC systems.

These filters provide medium/high efficiency filtration in settings such as office buildings, hospitals, industrial plants, museums and schools. These filters have a MERV rating of 8 to 14. A filter's MERV rating measures how efficiently it removes contaminants from the air stream based on the size of the particles it can effectively capture. The higher a filter's MERV rating is, the more effectively the filter traps small particles.

Our Extended Surface Rigid Cell filters provide high efficiency removal of multiple contaminants for a variety of applications from museums to semiconductor facilities.

Types of Rigid Box Filters We Offer:

  • CarbonWeb Rigid Filter
  • CarbonWeb Plus Rigid Filter
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Rigid Box Filters