Shaker Style Bag Filters (Fabric Filter Bags)

A shaker baghouse disposes of collected dust by shaking it out of the bags into a collection hopper at the bottom of the baghouse. Filter bags are hung and tensioned from the top of the filter housing and attached with the bottom open, to the tube sheet. The airstream enters from below the bags and is pulled upwards through the interior of the bags where the dust collects. The airstream passes through the filter bags trapping the contaminants on the dusty side. Clean gas is exhausted near the top of the collector.

A shaker style filter collects dust on the inside and is usually constructed from a woven media. Bags are installed with some slack in length, so that the shaker, if it provides for bag lift, can raise and turn the bag in a rapid shaking motion to develop a clean motion along the media surface, called a sinusoidal wave. Shaker bags require offline cleaning.

Shaker bags are typically seen in industries such as smelting, concrete, steel mills, and more.

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