V-Bank Filters

V-bank filters are used in HVAC applications as high efficiency final filters in industrial, commercial and medical facilities to improve indoor air quality and comfort. V-bank filters can also be used as a prefilter in HEPA installations. The filters are also used in the exhaust air or in recirculation systems to protect the air handling units. Compact filters are not subject to varying HVAC system airflow and some are designed for turbulent air applications.

V-Bank filters can be used in general HVAC systems, automotive assembly plants, hospitals, gas turbines, diesel intakes, pharmaceutical facilities, telecommunication switching stations, and industrial environments where strong rugged performance is required.

Types of V-Bank Filters We Offer:

  • Adsorball Bulk Carton V-Banks
  • Adsorball Plus 50/50 V-Bank
  • VMP-C Carbon V-Bank
  • VMP-CP15 MERV 15 V-Bank
  • VMP-X Diesel V-Bank
  • VMP-AG Acid Gas V-Bank
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V-Bank Filters