V-Cell Filters

The 4V-Cell rigid V filter can be used in general HVAC systems, automotive assembly plants, hospitals, gas turbines, diesel intakes, pharmaceutical facilities, telecommunication switching stations, and industrial environments where strong rugged performance is required. 4V-Cell rigid V filters are designed to meet the toughest operating environments.

The 4V-Cell rigid V filters are manufactured from rigid ABS plastic components with 200 square feet of media area and use a unique glue bead pattern to maintain the correct pleat geometry that ensures no obstruction to air flow while providing even dirt loading throughout the media pack. Each pack is potted to eliminate any bypass through the filter.

Types of V-Cell Filters:

  • Viskon-Aire* 4V-Cell MERV 13
  • Viskon-Aire* 4V-Cell MERV 14
  • Viskon-Aire* 4V-Cell MERV 15
  • Viskon-Aire* 4V-Cell MERV 16
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V-Cell Filters