Dust Collection Fire Prevention

Dust collector fires are a serious risk for manufacturing facilities. The Supprex-200™ Fire Suppression System stops dust collector fires in their tracks.

How Dust Collector Fires Start

All fires need a combination of three elements to ignite and spread: fuel, an ignition source and oxygen.

Dust collectors provide the perfect environment for a fire to start and spread. Many industrial processes requiring dust collection—such as welding, cutting and grinding—also produce a large number of sparks. If these sparks make it through the ductwork to the dust collector, they will find the perfect fuel in the form of filter media and collected dust. Finally, dust collectors are continually pulling air in and through the filter media, creating a steady flow of fresh oxygen into the machine. With plenty of fuel and oxygen, all that is needed is a single spark to start a fire. Dust collector fires are rare, but when they do occur, they have the potential to do considerable damage to a facility and put the lives of workers at risk.

Preventing Dust Collector Fires

To prevent dust collector fires, you need to address the two elements of the Fire Triangle that can be most easily controlled: heat (or ignition) and oxygen.

The first step is to minimize the risk of a spark or other ignition source in the dust collector and ductwork. This can be done by installing curtains or screens around the spark-producing process and adding a spark arrestor like the RoboVent Delta3 to your dust collector.

But even with a highly effective spark arrestor like the Delta3 installed, you still need a backup system to stop fires that start within the dust collector. An internal fire suppression system works by shutting down the flow of oxygen and smothering the fire with a fire suppressant agent. This agent may be a liquid (like water), a gas (like carbon dioxide or argon), a dry chemical or a foam. When the fire is deprived of oxygen, it goes out.

How the Supprex-200 Fire Suppression System Works

Supprex-200 is a dual-stage system activated by smoke and heat. The internal fire suppression system shuts down dust collector fires as soon as they start. It works by shutting off the flow of air into the dust collector with a damper and simultaneously releasing a fire suppressant agent inside the chamber.

Supprex-200 combines a smoke detector and damper system designed by RoboVent with the industry-leading Firetrace suppressant system with FM-200. The Firetrace system operates without any power source, so it will still work even if the smoke detector does not have power or fails to alarm. The system relies on a proprietary polymer tubing that will rupture when exposed to the heat and flame of a growing fire. When that happens, the FM-200 agent is released from a canister inside the dust collector.

Supprex-200 is highly reliable for detection and suppression of dust collector fires. The FM-200 canister system requires no electricity and provides immediate detection and delivery of the fire suppressant agent.

  • High reliability, even in harsh environments
  • No power source required
  • 24/7 uninterrupted service
  • No false alarms or discharges

FM-200 Fire Suppressant Agent

Supprex-200 uses the FM-200 fire suppressant agent from Firetrace. FM-200 is a proprietary gas engineered to put out dust collector fires safely and effectively. It is a clean agent system, meaning it minimizes mess and will not damage electronic equipment. That means you have less downtime and a much easier cleanup if a discharge does occur.

  • Safe: FM-200 is safe for both humans and electronic equipment.
  • Efficient: FM-200 has a large coverage area, so less agent is required to extinguish a fire.
  • Economical: FM-200 has a lower price per pound than other clean agents and requires less hardware.