Can you Filter That!?
That's what this podcast will answer. Every episode, we'll invite an expert onto the show to learn from their experiences in the air filtration world. We're particular about our particulate.
This show is all about helping provide education around indoor air quality (IAQ), dust collection and industrial ventilation. We cover clean air for everyone, in any place and we make a difference one breath (and episode) at a time.

In Episode 1, get to know Rick and Frank - founders of the podcast. Learn a little more about the team and play along in What the Filter (WTF)?, in which we try to stump filtration experts with extreme close-ups of filter media.

0:00 Welcome!
5:19 WTF! What The Filter?
11:34 RoboVent President Rick Kreczmer Q&A
19:33 Let's Be Social

Stick around for future episodes of Filter That! as we provide in-depth advice for air filtration and industrial ventilation challenges. Now that's edutainment!

Filter That Podcast
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