The Rock-Solid RoboVent Guarantee

RoboVent: For Cleaner Air, Guaranteed.

Every RoboVent unit comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your clean air results, we will make it right or give you a refund.

How can we make that promise? We stand behind our equipment because we are confident in our equipment design, quality control, and engineering and technical staff. We build quality into every stage of the process to ensure that we can deliver the results you expect.

  • Our equipment is designed from the ground up for exceptional quality, safety and longevity. We build in features designed to improve filter life, reduce maintenance requirements and improve operational efficiencies.
  • Every piece of equipment that ships from our factories has been thoroughly tested and certified by a RoboVent quality control technician. Every component, from the welded cabinet to the electronic controls, must pass strict quality control procedures.
  • We don't just sell equipment—we design air quality systems around your unique needs and requirements. When you come to RoboVent, you will work with an experienced air quality engineer who will seek to understand your goals, analyze your facility and current air quality, and find the most effective and cost-efficient way to solve your clean air challenge.
  • Our systems are designed to be easy to install, maintain and operate. Our installation and maintenance technicians are experts in their field who will ensure that your equipment is properly installed and operating and optimal capacity.