Oil Mist Filters

Oil mist in the air poses different threats to workers than most dust and fumes, and it behaves differently, as well. If there is one thing to get right in your strategy for collecting oil mist, it’s this: choose the right kind of filter.

The best filter to use to collect oil mist is called a packed-bed, or coalescing, filter. A packed-bed filter pulls oil out of the air and allows the oil to drain off. This filter works even when saturated, whereas normal filter media becomes soaked and much less effective.

RoboVent provided oil mist filters have several major benefits, including:

  • The ability to pull even the finest oil mist out of the air
  • The ability to drain the oil off of the filter
  • A long life span, due to the filter’s ability to shed oil and remain in operation
  • Major costs savings, due to long filter life and low maintenance

RoboVent also produces packed-bed filters that come in three different sizes and two different efficiency levels.

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Oil Mist Filters


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