AutoSaver™ Power Usage Sensor

AutoSaver saves energy and reduces wear and tear on your collector by automatically turning the collector on and off with the weld arc or dust-producing process. The sensor connects to your control panel and turns off the dust collector after five minutes of inactivity to cut energy costs.

Save Energy with Automated Controls

With AutoSaver, your dust collector works smarter, not harder. The Sensor is attached to your dust collector controls and your dust or fume creating processes, such as a weld torch or laser cutter. When the weld arc, laser cutter or machine is turned on, AutoSaver automatically turns on the dust collector, too. When the process stops, AutoSaver waits five minutes for remaining dust and fumes to be collected and then turns the collector off. With AutoSaver, your dust collector is on when you need it, and off when you don’t—easy!

AutoSaver saves energy by ensuring that the dust collector only runs as much as it is needed. It is especially valuable for manual welding and other intermittent processes that do not require always-on dust and fume collection.