Rotary Airlock

Designed to limit the effects of an explosion caused by combustible dust, the Rotary Airlock is a key component of the RoboVent Deflagration System. This airlock prevents combustible dust or explosive gases from escaping the collection bin through the hopper to fuel an explosion.

How It Works

If combustible dust accumulates, mixes with oxygen in the right concentration, and meets a spark, a significant explosion can occur. RoboVent engineers have decades of experience fighting this danger. The Rotary Airlock sits between the hopper and the containment bin for the dust collector. Dust from the hopper falls into the open chamber of the airlock. As the valve rotates, dust falls out into the bin for collection. Seals in the rotary airlock prevent dust clouds or gases from the collection bin from escaping back into the filter chamber of the dust collector. This reduces the dust concentration inside the filter chamber and prevents dust and gases from the hopper from adding fuel to a fire or explosion.