Ambient Filtration Systems

An ambient filtration system is an excellent option when you need to clean the air for the facility as a whole. Ambient systems may be stand alone, or they may be a secondary solution to remove dust and fumes that are not captured by the primary source capture system.

Ambient filtration systems come in three basic types:

  • Ducted push-pull systems: The most traditional option, ducted push-pull systems keep the filtration equipment off of the floor and out of the way.  These systems may be ideal for large facilities that desire constant ambient air turnover throughout the entire facility and/or do not change their floor plans or production line configurations frequently. These systems rely on a system of ducts up near the ceiling which carry fumes and particulates to a dust collector. Rising fumes and particulates are pulled into ductwork on one side and clean air is pushed out from ducts on the other side, creating air currents that continually pull contaminated air away from workers and into the system. Dust collectors can be placed overhead or outside of the building, saving considerable floor space.
  • Ductless floor systems: These systems consist of standalone dust collectors that sit on the factory floor. A ductless system is easier to install and eliminates expensive ductwork. Dust collectors can be positioned where they are needed around the factory floor and can be easily moved whenever production lines are reconfigured. Each dust collector creates its own circular local airflow pattern, pulling dirty air in and pushing clean air out. These units tend to have higher airflow per unit, so you may need fewer dust collectors overall. If you need to add more capacity, you can simply place another unit on the floor. A ductless system may be ideal for facilities that reconfigure production lines often and where there is plenty of floor space.
  • Ductless ceiling-mounted systems: A ductless ceiling mounted system combines the advantages of a ductless system with the floor space savings of a traditional push-pull system. The dust collectors are placed near the ceiling to capture fumes as they rise. Like ductless floor systems, the units have high airflow and generate continuous air currents that pull in dirty air and push out clean air. Without ductwork, these systems are easier to install than traditional ducted push-pull systems.



RoboVent Solutions

Spire360™ Series

A freestanding filtration unit capable of handling high-production weld fumes, the Spire360 is an efficient, powerful alternative to standard displacement ventilation options.

Vortex™ Series

The Vortex Series produces a facility-wide circulation that captures dirty air from the most difficult to reach places. The Vortex then cleans this air and returns it to the facility.

Vista360™ Series

Vista360™ combines powerful filtration technology with an installation scheme designed for convenience and space saving.

Clarion® Vortex Series

A clean air solution built for oil mist applications. The Clarion Vortex Series uses a proprietary system to capture and filter oil mist and return clean air to the plant.