welding booth table


crossflow welding booth



HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION: 14-guage steel construction and a durable baked-on powdercoat finish, backed by our quality-built guarantee.

HIGH PERFORMANCE BLOWER: Engineered for high-output air volume with 6.7” max static pressure.

QUIET OPERATION: Built-in acoustical lining of high-density sound absorbing materials to reduce motor and blower noises.

BUILT-IN SPARK ARRESTANCE: The internal SparkOut plenum quickly extinguishes sparks created through welding or grinding.

LARGE WORK AREA: A generous 13 square feet of work area and durable surface for welding or grinding.

EASY FILTER ACCESS: No special tools needed – just release two latches to open the filter plenum. Vertically aligned filters shed dust easily.

GENEROUS STORAGE COMPARTMENT: Built-in place to put the welder or other tools to keep them out of the way during operation.


The design of the CrossFlow Table is based on RoboVent’s decades of experience controlling weld fumes. The table draws air up through the table and away from the welder’s breathing zone. The airflow captures the weld fumes and pulls them into a collector above the welder’s head.

Once captured in the collector, weld fumes are filtered using RoboVent’s cutting edge technology, including their advanced, proprietary filter designs. Once the CrossFlow Table has filtered the air, the unit returns the clean air to the facility. Not only has the welder been protected from potentially toxic fumes, but the entire facility benefits, as well.

weld fume extraction booth


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