We start by evaluating your processes, the volume and character of dust they are producing, and the way air propagates through the facility. For simple needs, this may be a simple walkthrough to understand your facility and applications. For more complex scenarios, we can help you take measurements of your current particulate levels and analyze your airflow patterns.

goal setting

Goal Setting

Are you aiming to meet required regulations, or do you want to establish more stringent standards? We’ll talk about your goals, expectations and concerns related to worker health and safetyproductivity, morale, retention and recruiting, facility cleanliness and product quality.

System Design

We can help you select the right equipment for your needs or design a total air quality solution that is cost effective, energy efficient and meets all of your goals. For large facilities with complex needs, we offer VentMapping, a comprehensive engineering service that uses computer modeling based on the actual layout and conditions of your plant.

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If we install your system for you, you can rest assured that it will be done right. All of our installation technicians are experts in RoboVent equipment and air quality system installation. We’ll get your systems up and running and make sure they are in optimal working condition.


Once the system is in place, we don’t just walk away. We work with you to make sure it is working according to your expectations and meeting the goals that you defined. If it isn’t, don’t worry: everything we sell is backed by the RoboVent Rock-Solid Guarantee.

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customer care

Customer Care

If you need ongoing service, we’re here to help. Ask us about our ClientCare service options.