Need to Collect a Dust Sample?

The first step in conducting a DHA is (usually) having your dust tested. Dust must be sampled in accordance with NFPA 652 Chapter 5.5. Learn how to collect a dust sample and how to avoid common problems with dust sample collection in our guide: Collecting Your Dust Sample.

How to Collect a Dust Sample

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Click on the guide and learn more about:

  • How to identify and safely collect a sample
  • Tests and samples required for system design and equipment sizing
  • Questions to ask a certified lab when sending a sample to be tested

Dust Collector Protection Strategy

Where should your dust collector be located when collecting combustible dust? Indoors or out? How much space do you need around it? What types of isolation and venting are needed? Understand the NFPA standards for dust collection system design when handling explosible materials. Download the poster: Dust Collector Protection Strategy

Dust Collector Protection Strategy

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Use this poster as a guide for following best practices for:

  • Where to locate a dust collector
  • Standards and protections for each scenario
  • NFPA standards to meet for each location

Combustible Dust Resources

Combustible Dust FAQs

Learn more about combustible dust, OSHA regulations and NFPA standards, the explosion indices and more in our combustible dust FAQs.