How Do I Test The KST (Kst) Factor Of My Dust?

Testing the KST factor of your combustible dust will likely require a professional service. These experts have equipment to ignite your dust in a controlled setting that allows for precise measurements to be made. This kind of test would produce both Kst and Pmax values. The Kst value measures the “relative explosion severity compared to other dusts,” as OSHA says. The Pmax value is the maximum pressure that might be produced by an explosion of your dust.

Dusts vary widely in their Kst values, even among the same substance. Factors such as particle size, particle shape and moisture content affect the Kst value. This is why it is essential to have your dust tested. Simply looking up your dust on a list of what is combustible and what is not is not adequate. Having your dust professionally tested will ensure that you understand the dangers.


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