What Is The Best Dust Collector To Pair With A Fume Arm?

A fume arm is a versatile solution for dust and fume collection and can be attached to a variety of dust collectors including centralized systems, standalone units and portable systems.

Fume arms generally have one of two diameters: 6 inches or 8 inches. The 6-inch arm requires around 600-750 CFM (cubic feet per minute) of airflow, while the 8-inch arm requires 1,000-1,200 CFM.

Fume arms are often connected directly to portable dust collectors, creating powerful solutions such as RoboVent’s PowerBoom device. These systems effectively eliminate fumes at their source, protecting welders and workers throughout an entire facility. The best collectors can be configured to run only when an operation is running, limiting energy use and maintenance costs.

Fume arms can also be ducted to centralized dust collection systems.
The RoboVent Senturion series provides powerful filtration for centralized ducted systems.


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