What is the best kind of dust collection system for large weldments when overhead cranes are used in the process?

In situations where welders are working with large weldments, a fume gun is likely the best option. These devices have improved radically in recent years and can offer welders a high degree of protection. The best fume guns can capture up to 95% of weld fumes. Fume guns offer the flexibility a welder needs when moving around a large piece; no other capture system offers the same ability to collect fumes while on the move.

Adding an ambient capture dust collector is a good idea in this situation. It would serve as a backup system that would capture any leftover fumes, preventing a buildup of fumes that could affect workers elsewhere in the facility. This kind of backup ambient system would not require much energy to run as it would not be processing high volumes of particulates.

For robotic welding, robotic tip extraction may be an option. Tip extractors like the RoboVent FlexTrac offer similar benefits as a manual fume gun, collecting fumes at the source as they are generated. The extractor tip is attached directly to the robotic welding arm. A well-designed tip extraction unit doesn’t interfere with the motion of the robotic arm and is able to capture a high percentage of weld fumes.


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