What is the best source capture solution for manual welding?

The best source capture of weld fumes will attack the two main sources of fumes: those coming off the welding point and residual fumes coming off the hot weld seam. Not all fume capture solutions are able to catch both. However, a backdraft/sidedraft plenum excels at this challenge. For bench welding with large (but not huge) parts and consistent placement on the bench, this solution is able to pull the fumes away from the worker’s breathing zone and capture the fumes with near total efficiency.

Fume arms, another popular air quality solution, can be very effective, too. When the welding piece is small and always in the same location, a fume arm is a great solution. But if the piece is large, a fume arm must be repositioned frequently. Welders are often inconsistent in doing this, leaving many fumes not captured. Residual fumes are very hard to capture.

After backdraft tables and similar devices, the fume gun is another excellent source capture solution for weld fumes. When used correctly, RoboVent’s MIG fume gun can capture up to 95% of weld fumes at the source. These devices are especially useful in unconventional situations, such as welding on very large parts or in places where a welding bench isn’t available.


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