What Is the MERV Rating for an Industrial Dust Collector Cartridge Filter?

For industrial applications, cartridge filters often have a MERV rating between 10 and 16, with higher-end filters used in environments where capturing very fine particulates is critical. Over time, cartridge filters will build a dust cake on the surface that will provide filtration approaching MERV 16. However, to ensure proper performance across the entire life of the cartridge filter, it is essential to select a cartridge filter with an appropriate MERV rating for the specific dust collection needs of the facility. 

  • Cartridge filters with a MERV rating of 10-12 can be used for larger particulate and less toxic applications such as non-toxic bulk and powder applications, manual metal grinding or cutting, woodworking, etc. 
  • A cartridge dust collector filter with a MERV rating of 15 or higher is recommended for welding and other processes with thermal fumes or fine powders.
  • A HEPA or ULPA after-filter may be required for highly toxic materials or very fine submicron particulates.


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