RoboVent Expands Industrial Filter Selection for Dust, Odor and Vapor Control

RoboVent now offers integrated clean air solutions for a wide range of applications.

June 1, 2020

vapor-odor-controlSterling Heights, Mich. (June 1, 2020) — RoboVent has teamed up with sister companies in the Rensa Filtration family to expand the selection of filters offered on the RoboVent website. This partnership expands the range of industrial filtration challenges the company can tackle to include not only dust but also noxious odors, dangerous gases and vapors, and moisture-laden or oil-saturated dusts.

RoboVent has long been a leader in the design and manufacture of dust collectors and filters for weld fumes, metalworking dust and other dust-generating industrial applications. They recently released the groundbreaking PleatLock Cartridge dust collector filters, which have 35% more filter media to extend filter life and reduce filter changeouts. Now, they are offering a broad range of filter types, including baghouse-style dust collector filters, HVAC filters, HEPA filters, paint/spray-booth filters, oil mist coalescing filters, compressed air filters and activated carbon filters for odors, gases and vapors.

Frank Cea, Director of Marketing and Development, says, “Our partnership with Rensa enables us to serve a broader range of industrial customers, including customers from the recycling, pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing industries. Now, we are able to bring together ventilation, dust collection and filtration solutions to help our clients meet nearly any air quality challenge.”

RoboVent offers a unique approach to industrial air quality. They both design and manufacture their own dust collection equipment and offer system engineering and design services to optimize air quality for their clients. RoboVent engineers can put together a complete air quality solution that includes the dust collector, ductwork and hoods, HVAC and makeup air, and customized filtration. With the addition of Rensa’s line of specialty filters and filtration expertise, they are now positioned to help their customers tackle highly challenging and specialized air quality problems.

This integrated approach enables RoboVent to continue to innovate to improve filter life and effectiveness. In addition to developing high-performance industrial filters like PleatLock and Endurex RMO, RoboVent integrates filter-saving technologies into their dust collectors. For example, their new Senturion dust collector comes with an advanced pulsing system optimized for the demands of fiber laser cutting.

Rick Kreczmer, President of RoboVent, says, “Clean air is our passion. Our mission is to protect people from dangerous fumes and dusts and create cleaner, healthier workplaces. By combining high-quality, specialized filtration solutions with advanced dust collection equipment and ventilation, we can help our customers better protect their people, processes and facilities.”


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