Additional Acoustical Attenuation

The Acoustical Attenuation option quiets the air being discharged from the collector. The stack silencer is attached to the flanged exhaust end of the blower and uses acoustical silencing technology to reduce motor and airflow noise.

A Quieter, More Comfortable Environment

Controlling noise is important in today's manufacturing facilities. It reduces stress on workers and improves the general impression of your plant. It is also important for meeting Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations for noise levels.

To go the extra mile in limiting noise emanating from its dust collectors, RoboVent has created an additional measure of noise control. The stack silencer uses two inches of mineral wool around a perforated material to acoustically dampen the sound of air moving through the machine. This system knocks the decibel level for the machine down by more than 10 decibels—reducing the overall perceived noise level for the unit by about 50%. And less noise means less stress and greater comfort for everyone.