Replacement Filters for A.C.T. Dust Collectors

July 20th, 2022

RoboVent service technician demonstrating how to properly remove filters from a Spire weld fume extractor.Find replacement filters for A.C.T. dust collectors here. RoboVent manufactures high-quality replacement cartridge filters that fit most A.C.T. and other leading industrial dust collector manufacturers. We have a wide range of dust collector filters in stock and ready to ship. Ask us about our automated stock & ship programs to simplify inventory management for dust collector consumables.

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In the filter catalog, you’ll find filters not only for A.C.T. but also for other major brands of dust collection equipment. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us to discuss your replacement filter needs or request a quote. 

Dust Collector Replacement Filters for A.C.T.

Our aftermarket cartridge filters meet or exceed OEM dust collection filter specs for filtration efficiency, durability and performance. To order your replacement filters, simply download the order sheet below or contact us at to place your filter order.

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Choosing the Right Replacement Filter for Your A.C.T. Collector

At RoboVent, we manufacture cartridge dust collector filters for all kinds of applications, including welding, metalworking, cutting, grinding, sanding, abrasive blasting, thermal spray, woodworking, plastic fines, food processing, pharmaceutical production, bulk & powder applications and more. We’ll help you find the right filter for your equipment, dust type and process to meet your clean air goals for your facility. 

  • Economy cartridge filters (cellulose polyester) 
  • Nanofiber
  • PTFE coated
  • Anti-static
  • High Efficiency/MERV 15 and up 

Why Purchase Replacement Filters from RoboVent?

At RoboVent, we are the filter experts! We manufacture what we can in-house and the rest we contract manufacturer based on our customer volume. These manufacturing capabilities and our world-class filtration expertise helps us produce the best filter for the application. We provide replacement filters for cartridge dust and fume equipment, HVAC equipment, paint/spray booth, oil mist collectors, air compressors and more. We are a leader in air filtration with decades of experience in creating best-in-class clean air solutions. When you combine our strategic partner network and RoboVent’s long history of excellence as a dust, fume and mist collector manufacturer, you have a winning solution for replacement dust collector filters.

  • Wide range of filters in stock for A.C.T. and other dust collector manufacturers
  • Aftermarket cartridge filters that meet or exceed OEM specs 
  • Economically priced to provide exceptional value for the quality 
  • Custom filter manufacturing capabilities 
  • World-class service and support 
  • Made in the USA

Learn More About Your Filter Options

Dust Collector for Bulk & PowderThere are many different kinds of dust collector filters. When selecting aftermarket cartridge filters, make sure they fit your dust collector designs as well as the unique features of your application. Is your dust heavy and abrasive? Ultrafine? Hygroscopic? Sticky and wet? Depending on your systems and dust type, standard filter media may not meet your application needs. Here are some resources to help you understand collection methods and filter requirements for various dust types. 

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This is not a A.C.T. manufactured filter. It is designed to replace a filter in a A.C.T. product.