How does a welding table with backdraft fume extraction work?

All-in-one welding booths integrate a welding table with a weld fume extraction system. A backdraft table is designed to capture welding fumes by pulling them away horizontally from the welder’s work area. It then filters the air before returning clean air to the facility. Here’s how it operates:

  • Table Design: The welding table typically has a solid flat surface for work. Along the back or side of the table, there’s a raised extraction area, often equipped with slots, grates, or perforations.
  • Rising Fumes: As welding commences, the heat causes fumes to rise. Given their natural upward trajectory, they start to move toward the extraction area.
  • Extraction System: Behind the perforated back or side area, there’s an extraction system comprised of fans or blowers. This system creates negative pressure, effectively pulling the fumes toward and through the perforated area.
  • Filtration: Once the fumes are pulled into the system, they pass through one or more filters that capture particulates.
  • Cleaned Air Recirculation: After filtering, the cleaned air is recirculated back into the workshop, ensuring energy efficiency, especially in environments where heating or cooling is essential.


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