What Are Dust Collector Cartridge Filters Made Of?

There are several types of filter media used for dust collector cartridges. Some of the most common types of dust collector cartridge filters include cellulose, spunbond polyesters, and cellulose-polyester blends. 

  • Cellulose cartridge filters are economical and typically have a MERV rating of 10-12. They are typically used for dry dust in standard applications. 
  • Spunbond polyester and cellulose-polyester blends are more durable and suitable for more challenging applications, such as high humidity/temperature or chemical exposure. 
  • Some cartridge filters have a layer of nanofiber over a foundational material such as polyester. Nanofiber has a high filtration efficiency for very fine or submicron particulate. 
  • Some air filter cartridges have specialized coatings, such as PTFE, for enhanced filtration efficiency and dust release. PTFE-coated filters are often recommended for moist, oily or sticky dust or challenging environments. (Note that dust that contains high levels of moisture or oil may require different dust collection methods, such as wet collection or an oil mist collector.)

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