What is ASHRAE 199?

ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 199 ("Method of Testing the Performance of Industrial Pulse Cleaned Dust Collectors") is a testing standard developed by ASHRAE specifically for evaluating the performance of industrial dust collection and fume extraction equipment. It provides a standardized and consistent method for measuring the performance of cartridge, baghouse or envelope-style industrial dust collectors, supplementing the general testing and rating requirements provided in ASHRAE 52.2. It applies specifically to dust collectors that use a filter pulsing mechanism to discharge dust from the filter surface while the collector remains online. This standard includes: 

  • Emissions Measurement: Determines the number of particulates (dust) escaping the system.
  • Pressure Drop Measurement: Evaluates the resistance to airflow within the dust collector.
  • Compressed Air Usage: Assesses how different systems utilize compressed air for pulse-cleaning of the filters.


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