What is the best kind of dust collector for carbon black dust?

Carbon black dust poses an air quality challenge because of the very small nature of its particulates. These sub-micron-sized particulates can drift across a facility if not captured at the source. Working with an air quality engineer will help you optimize dust capture. When source capture is not possible or is not enough to do the job, an ambient capture system can filter the air in your entire facility and make sure the problem is contained.

Here are some good options for collecting carbon black dust:

  • RoboVent Vortex Series dust collectors create a circulating airflow to capture dust and fumes across an entire facility. This air is filtered and returned to the plant, using eight to twelve nozzles that can be adjusted directionally to maximize the airflow throughout the space. Among the unit’s many benefits is its lack of a need for ductwork, which lowers installation costs.
  • RoboVent Senturion Series dust collectors can collect carbon black dust and filter it. This dust collector can be set up as either a source capture or an ambient capture unit.

Capturing carbon black dust is an urgent need for any facility that handles it. The material is an inhalation risk that carries many dangers for workers’ respiratory and pulmonary systems. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration maintains a permissible exposure limit (PEL) of 3.5 mg/m3 in order to protect workers. Meeting this standard will not only ensure legal compliance but will protect workers from serious health problems.


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