RoboVent Launches New Robotic Weld Fume Extraction System

The Spire® Series is brand new from the inside-out.

November 1, 2019

Sterling Heights, MI (November 1, 2019) — RoboVent has re-designed one of their most popular weld fume extraction systems from the inside-out as the first part of a new wave of product launches and exciting organizational udpates and announcements leading into 2020.

Each Spire unit provides filtration for up to two (2) robotic weld cells for effective source capture filtration or easily converted to an ambient unit for area-wide filtration when a hooded enclosure is not possible.

“We’ve retained the name of the unit and the 3’x3’ footprint to preserve floorspace but, it’s essentially a new dust collector. Retain the good stuff, make it better, remove the bad stuff and replace with better – that was the mindset. We made substantial improvements to the internal collector design, standard components and managed to keep the equipment priced similarly to the previous model – a huge win for our customers and fabricators,” explained, RoboVent President Rick Kreczmer.

The new Spire ships standard with the following features:

  • 7” Full Color HMI – for easier user operation;
  • 3ft x 3ft Footprint – which requires about the same space as a typical weld wire barrel;
  • Moveable Control Panel – to make installation and access easier;
  • Larger Dust Containment – which means production can run longer and dust removal is fast;
  • Horizontal PleatLock Filters – for longer filter life and easier change-outs;
  • Improve Filter Pulsing – to prevent particulate re-entrainment on the filter media;
  • Fully Assembled – unit ships fully assembled for easier installation;
  • Plug & Play Components – to provide easier access to repair components, when needed;


“This is one of the best product launches I’ve been part of – plain and simple. The new Spire was produced with a collaborative effort of fabricators, end users, industry influencers and consultants and every part of our organization. Together we took everything we knew, challenged it and created the next generation of dust collectors for welding operations,” said Mike Meyer, EVP of Engineering & Technical Services at RoboVent.

-1-“Fabricators & manufacturers expect the best from RoboVent and we intend to deliver. This latest innovation in Spire is the first of several new and enhanced products we’ll be launching in 2020. We will deliver fast, friendly, world-class service and equipment,” Kreczmer continued. “The team we have in place today across all phases of the organization is the best in the industry. Having worked for our largest competitors, I can say that with true confidence and conviction.”

This latest equipment innovation from RoboVent is another example of superior system design with a lower cost of ownership.


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