Can you Filter That!?
That's what this podcast will answer. Every episode, we'll invite an expert onto the show to learn from their experiences in the air filtration world. We're particular about our particulate.
This show is all about helping provide education around indoor air quality (IAQ), dust collection and industrial ventilation. We cover clean air for everyone, in any place and we make a difference one breath (and episode) at a time.

How do you ensure a safe and seamless installation for an industrial dust collection and air filtration system? The key is project management. Join RoboVent’s Director of Installation Dean Anhorn and Director of Project Management Ryan McWilliams in the third episode of the Filter That! podcast as they reveal the “secret sauce” behind every successful installation project. You’ll learn:

  • Why communication, safety, and quality control are essential—and what you should look for from your dust collector installation team
  • How RoboVent manages an industrial ventilation and air filtration installation project to ensure safety and quality
  • Why RoboVent maintains in-house engineering, installation and project management teams for turnkey service and quality control

0:00 Welcome!
0:47 Meet the Team
8:26 Why is Quality Management so Important?
13:25 How We Communicate
20:43 Installation Safety
28:03 How does RoboVent Achieve Quality?
34:58 Why have an in-house Installation & Management team?
35:20 Customer Service relationships
43:33 Let's Get Social!


Filter That Podcast
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