How Often Should You Change Filters in Winter?

October 27th, 2020


In cold weather, your dust collector and HVAC filters should be inspected and changed more frequently. That’s because your systems are working harder in the winter months.

As the weather cools, your HVAC system has to work harder to maintain a comfortable air temperature in your facility. At the same time, with doors and windows closed, more dust and particulates are trapped inside. This leads to lower indoor air quality (IAQ) and more stress on your HVAC and dust collection systems.

HVAC filters should be checked monthly during the winter months and changed as needed. A clean filter will ensure proper airflow through your HVAC system, improving overall IAQ.

Your dust collector cartridge filter should be inspected before cold weather sets in and changed if it is near the end of its service life. Inspect filters and empty the collection bin on a regular basis through the winter months. Change filters if they show signs of excessive filter pressure (indicating the filter is loaded) or pinhole tears. To maximize the life of your filters, you should also take steps to winterize your dust collector and ensure that your pulsing system is working correctly.

Proper filter maintenance will go a long way towards improving IAQ and reducing wear and tear on your dust collection and HVAC systems in colder weather.