Do I need a weld booth with integrated fume extraction?

Welding booths come either with or without integrated fume extraction. 

  • Welding booths or tables with integrated fume extraction can be a convenient option for many operations. By combining a stand-alone welding worksurface with built-in fume extraction, these booths eliminate the need for a separate dust collection system and expensive ductwork. This makes them simple to set up, easy to use and highly versatile for smaller shops needing just a few welding stations. 
  • For larger welding operations with many manual welding stations and a fixed facility layout, it may make more sense to have a centralized dust collection system with a drop to each welding station or booth. A centralized system provides economies of scale for larger operations and simplifies maintenance, since there is only one industrial dust collector to maintain. 
  • If you are using fume guns for manual MIG welding, you will not need a built-in fume extraction system. The fume guns are connected to a high-vac fume extraction system to remove weld fumes at the source. 

Whichever type of welding booth you choose, make sure you have a fume extraction plan in place for your welding booths to ensure welder safety and compliance with OSHA regulations for weld fumes.


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