What Is The Connection Between Indoor Air Quality And Workplace Safety?

Poor air quality can cause problems beyond inhalation risks. One of the greatest of these risks comes when oil mists are created in your facility. These mists can accumulate on surfaces and cause slip-and-fall hazards. Fortunately, specially designed dust collectors fitted with the right kind of filters can pull oil mists out of the air and prevent this problem.

Another major risk is that of explosions caused by combustible dust. When this dust combines with oxygen in a certain proportion, a single spark can cause it to explode. Even dusts that seem benign—such as wood dust or wheat flour—can lead to huge explosions in these conditions. Exhausting or filtering these dusts is crucial for ensuring that they don’t accumulate in the air or on surfaces in a facility. Spark arrestance and other fire protection measures in the dust collectors make sure sparks don’t develop within the equipment or ductwork.


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