Why Is It Hard To Breathe In The Plant After We’ve Been Plasma Cutting Even Though The Air Is Clear And No Smoke Is Escaping The Table?

Plasma cutting produces dust with extremely small particulates. This dust—though it is lingering in the air—might be invisible. The particulates are small due to the high degree of heat used in the cutting process.

Plasma cutting dust includes a number of contaminants that might be dangerous, and OSHA regulates workers’ exposure to many of these contaminants. If you aren’t sure what is floating in your air, consider doing an air quality audit. An audit will produce a comprehensive report that will tell you what is in your air and in what quantity. Using this information, you can develop a strategy for mitigating those contaminants. Most likely, a dust collection system will be required to capture the air coming off of a plasma cutting table. This will ensure that your workers are protected and that you are complying with air quality regulations.


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