Weld Fume Extraction Case Study | Kent Career Tech Center

Video Testimonial: Kent Career Tech Center

Kent Career Tech Center (KCTC) in Grand Rapids, MI recently added a Welding program to their portfolio of career and technical education programs. With this new program addition KCTC was in search of quality welding ventilation solutions to furnish the program and allow for exceptional instruction for students. The purpose of KCTC is to give students the opportunity to earn valuable career and technical skills, professional certifications and free college credit – all while still in high school. This positions them to apply for high wage job opportunities upon graduating or get a jump on college. Welding is in high demand in the area and across the country so this was the perfect time to add this type of program.  In its first year, the program currently has 100 students enrolled with a wait list. KCTC focuses on career exploration and career preparation leading to successful employment.


The Problem

KCTC conducted an RFP process involving administration, teachers with welding backgrounds, and industry experts. The priority was the student’s health, finding a workspace solution that provided a safe, hands-on learning environment. Not only safe to use, this learning investment needed to be cost effective and have the ability to grow with the program. Each working booth created needed a system with a small footprint and good lighting. The school is always changing and the needs for this program may change down the road so flexibility was a consideration as well.


The RoboVent Solution

RoboVent took a detailed look at what the school wanted to do and serious consideration for what the school needed. They proposed their CrossFlow Table. This table is a compact, self-contained welding bench and source capture system that recycles contaminated air using a high-efficiency, self-cleaning filter system. The CrossFlow Table is a complete welding station that is ideal for educational facilities or repair shops looking for an all-in-one bench-and-filtration unit. https://www.robovent.com/products/crossflow-table/

Upon review of the solutions presented, price comparisons and a recommendation from another area tech center, KCTC chose RoboVent. This was the most cost effective solution for the program and exactly what KCTC was looking for. The equipment is modular, self-contained and can easily be relocated to another facility or another area in the lab to accommodate the footprint.


The Result

RoboVent went above and beyond, providing the right product solution with an outstanding customer service experience at the best value. KCTC felt they had a true partner in creating their new welding program. KCTC had consistent, great communication with the RoboVent sales team. Once the final decision was made, RoboVent’s installation team quickly set up each booth and verified that every booth worked correctly. RoboVent conducted extensive training on the equipment with the teachers so it was easy to translate to their students. Direct contacts were set up through RoboVent so if a need or problem does arise KCTC can get the issue solved as quickly as possible to avoid having equipment down and out which directly impacts the students’ experience. The RoboVent solution keeps vision clear and provides students with the necessary lighting to operate successfully.

The program is off to a most excellent start. Students are learning the importance of ventilation and skills for direct job placement all while being in a safe educational environment. And the chosen equipment accommodated expansion of the school’s program. All four sections are completely full and the kids are excited to show off what they are learning. KCTC is set up for success to welcome the next wave of future professionals in the manufacturing industry.



Number of Lives Improved – 100 and growing.